We have a super cool tool inbuild in windows 10 and that is Snipping Tool
The snipping tool is easy to use and user-friendly tools with multiple modes and features.

Click on Start and type “Snipping Tool” or if you don’t remember the name of the tool.

you can type word Screenshot and that will also work for you.

then click on the icon of the popped up snipping tool icon.

We have four modes:

  • Free-form Snip
    allow you to take a screenshot by drawing any shape using a kind of virtual pen.
  • Rectangular Snip
    it’s again kind of Free-form but in only in Rectangular shape screenshot from left-top to right-bottom.
  • Window Snip
    For Windows feature, the Snipping tool deals with a tricky method it doesn’t ask you to select any area except ask you to select any windows-application and the Snipping tool will take screenshot of Application. for Example: select New from Snipping Tool and click on any browser you’re using and you’ll get a screenshot of the full window of your browser.
  • Full-Screen Snip
    after selecting Full Screen and clicking on New you will get a full window screenshot from the top left of your system screen till the right bottom of the screen, including your taskbar as well.

Marking and Highlighting screen-shot

Marking any area of screenshot you’ve taken is very easy, the system provides you a Pen Tool.
select that and write or mark any area on the screenshot and another cool feature of Pen Tool is it’s available in all Many colors, multiple shapes, and thickness.

To Highlight specific areas we’ve Highlighter Tool as well that simply work by clicking on it and marking any area on Screenshot.

With Highlighter and Pen Tool for marking on your screenshot Snipping Tool provide you Eraser as well to Erase any wrong Marking or Highlighted area.

and now one of the Cool feature that I Love in Snipping Tool:
Emailing your ScreenShot on one Click

The snipping tool provides you Two options:

  • Email Recipient
    By clicking on this, the system will open Outlook Express or
    another available Emailing tool in your Desktop and add Screenshot in the Content area of the email window.
  • Email Recipient as an Attachment
    Same as above it deals with any emailing system in your windows bu by clicking this it will be added to your email as an attachment not in your content area as a picture.

    for easy learning experience please check Youtube Tutorial as below:


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