To remove/delete duplicate values, click Data > Remove Duplicates

before that first step is to select whole data you want to remove duplicate data from the select nav Data and find Remove Duplicates under that.

Remove / Delete Duplicate data from Microsoft Excel file

Delete Duplicate Rows in Microsoft Excel File based on specific columns

to do that we will follow the same steps.

select all the rows then as above:

data > remove duplicate

Click on ok button and boom we’re good BUT!!!
you must be thinking why have i highlighted Jessica’s Marks?

after clicking on OK Jessica will remain there both the times, that’s because we have the different numbers of marks column in both time rows but what if we don’t want repeated Students in the rows?

NOW!! how to fix that?

follow the same steps as above just after clicking Remove Duplicate in the dialogue box uncheck Marks as below:

That’s IT!!

woohoo!! so simple 🙂

Video tutorial for remove/delete duplicate data in Excel File

Download the Excel file for Edits and Tests:


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