What is an API?

full form of an API is Application Program Interface
by dividing complete full form into parts.

Application: Project or Application you’re working on or creating.

Program: An Existing Program from where you’ll grab your data or material for your website.

Interface: Interface is a term that works as an Intermediate between an application and a program.

What is an API, Which API Method is Best, all about Rest API.
How to Implement a REST API using CURL in PHP

Why do we need an API

For Example, while booking our tours/trips we book flights/hotels/rail/cruise by online existing websites or mobile applications:

for example, let’s talk about American Airline:
in the whole world, we can say thousands of websites are booking flights, do you believe if it’s a manual process? or all those websites have the availability of each flight every time? the answer is NO!!

so, here we need a term name an API, which works as an intermediator for all the booking websites and applications. all those websites grab live data from a single database of American Airlines.

Which API is Best

Before arising question which API is Best, let’s talk about types of APIs

  • SOAP
  • REST

as mentioned above we’ve two of the famous API Methods but today we’ll only talk about REST. why?

because in our opinion REST is one of the best API.
REST Stands for Representational State Transfer

which means a form of data in which can be transferred while transferring data from one server to another and two of the famous return type methods of REST API are:

  • XML
  • Jsons

to know more about the implementation of cURL call for Rest API in famous Opensource Computer Language PHP click here: how to Implement a REST API using CURL in PHP



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